Client Name: Telfaz11

About Client:

Telfaz11 is a creative media production company with its offices in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It specializes in locally-relevant entertainment content from the Middle East. Telfaz11 is widely regarded for introducing a new era of innovative and impactful storytelling in the Arab world and influencing pop culture.

Services we are Providing:

  • Security consultancy
  • Issue Analysis
  • Website recovery.
  • Website maintenance.

The Course of our Work Process:

  • Their company website has been hacked several times before they decided to hire us and we were assigned to recover the data from server logs.
  • We also had several consultancy sessions with the team regarding digital security.
  • In short, we took care of the client’s security in the online platform and the digital platform. We have been trusted with their most important task and they still trust in us with this job.