Client Name: TRACCS

About Client:

TRACCS is the largest and fastest growing indigenous public relations network in the Middle East and North Africa.

Services we are Providing:

  • Website re-creation.
  • Design and creation of branding videos
  • Creation of event videos (3D)
  • Design and creation of social media ads
  • Customization of the website
  • Website maintenance and management.
  • Server maintenance
  • Code level customization of their software. 3 year of on-going contract.

The Course of our Work Process:

  • Since TRACCS is a PR agency, we needed to make sure that they have the relevant materials for their brand promotion.
  • We made sure that their website is updated from time to time, so that their customers are always up to date with their achievements and projects.
  • We check the current position of their website daily to keep tracking the website’s position on the major search engines.
    We have designed campaigns that are capable of self-promotion.
  • We have handled almost the entire digital work-frame of this agency and still doing so very efficiently.